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    Pastor Tims had a troubled youth. In his 2006 memoir, It’s Never Too Late, he blogs about being convicted of attempted murder at age 14. He spent 2 years in juvenile facilities. He conquered a drug addiction and ended up being a pastor due to the fact that as he said, "God had a higher plan".

    Are you all set to be extended? If you are…[Read more]

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    I have to confess, I am a little terrified.

    T.d. Jakes Eulogy: Zachery Tims Was Unhappy, Broken; Funeral Videos Online will most likely upset a few of my readers. It will stun much of my readers who understand me and my family personally. I grew up in a little town, and my children matured because exact same small town. And some individuals…[Read more]

  • For sack races.

    Lake Street Church LSC are always enjoyable to enjoy or perform. If area allows then make relays, by the time winners are stated your sacks benefit other things if not the burner.

    Because that day, life has been a whirlwind for my family. We have actually dealt with several releases for me. Those were attempting times,…[Read more]

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